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A Post-Surgical Tale

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I’ve retained some pretty clear memories of the post-surgical recovery room after the latest skull surgery.  Surgery took 2 hours, and it took awhile to wake up.  Historically, my anesthetized memories are pretty accurate, but no guarantees. . . .

In post-surgical recovery room.  Richard’s in bed.  The Nurse (sorry, can’t recall the name) is standing near the bed on the phone.  Imagine a Bob Newhart bit (if you are old enough).

Nurse:  “It’s taking him a long time. I’m not sure about this.”

Doctor (presumably): [unheard]

Nurse:  “It’s odd.  He’s here and we have a long conversation, then all of a sudden he’s gone.”

Doctor: [unheard]

Nurse:  “His pulse ox just dropped into the 80s.   That happens if I don’t stay here and remind him to breathe.”

Richard [deep breath, eyes opening]: “You didn’t tell me I was forgetting to breathe. I thought you we were just being polite and meant I was talking too much”

Nurse: “And . . . he’s back . . . .  Never mind. I think we got this here.”

Written by Richard Rothaus

September 13th, 2012 at 1:17 am

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